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Category: Marriages
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pdf.png Amel & Meyerode M
Created: 2021-03-01 | Size: 3.82 MB | Downloads: 51

Marriages in Amel and Meyerode (B)

Thomas WEBERS, 2021

Marriage register of the municipality of Amel (Amblève) with the former municipality of Meyerode, today merged with Amel, province of Liège, Belgium. Number of persons:  8290.

Period: 1797-1921 - Pages: 401 - Language: German

pdf.png Asselborn HOT
Created: 2011-07-28 | Size: 83.61 KB | Downloads: 183

Marriages Asselborn

François BREYER, 2011

List of marriages in the commune of Asselborn on the basis of the civil register.

Period: 1800-1923 - Pages: 23 - Language: German

pdf.png Assenois M
Created: 2021-02-18 | Size: 1.85 MB | Downloads: 46

Marriages in Assenois (B)

Tun JACOBY, 2021

Marriages in the former community of Assenois, today a section of the community of Vaux-sur-Sûre, province of Luxembourg, Belgium. Number of marriages: 700+.

Period: 1796-1912 - Pages: 177 - Language: French

pdf.png Attert M Lux HOT
Created: 2020-05-19 | Size: 3.4 MB | Downloads: 111

Marriages of Luxembourgers in Attert (B)

Rob DELTGEN, 2020

Marriages of Luxembourgers - and partially their descendants - in the commune of Attert, Belgium. Number of marriages: 1,387.

Period: 1797-1912 - Pages: 322 - Languages: French, German

pdf.png Basbellain
Created: 2017-06-19 | Size: 1.78 MB | Downloads: 12

Price: 10 EUR

Marriages of Basbellain

Rob DELTGEN, 2017

Marriage register of the parish (1668-1805) and of the former commune (1805-1923) of Basbellain. Contains 1479 marriages, mostly with indication of the parents, birth dates, origins, etc.

Period: 1668-1908 - Pages: 177 - Language: German



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